The Children of the Sea Prequels

"Shifting Sea," Morwenna of the finfolk's story
in the BURNING UP anthology, August 2010. With additional stories by the very talented Angela Knight, Nalini Singh, and Meljean Brook (woo hoo!). A sexy fairy tale for grown ups set in Regency Scotland with Morgan's twin Morwenna as the heroine and a to-die-for veteran of the Peninsular War as the hero.

And don't miss the story that started it all, "Sea Crossing" in the anthology SHIFTER (Think Anne of Green Gables sails on the Titanic, but with shapeshifters!)

The Logo

The Children of the Sea logo is based on the Celtic triskelion.
The triskelion, which is present in both Greek and Celtic cultures,
not only symbolizes the three aspects of the goddess
(mother, maiden, and wise woman),
but was adopted by the early Christian church as a sign of the Holy Trinity.
It can be found on ancient grave sites and jewelry.


The three connected spirals represent the realms of the overworld, underworld, and material world; or--and this is where my writer's brain caught fire--the domains of earth, sea, and sky.
In the mythology of the Children of the Sea, the elements exist in uneasy balance. The "elementals," the children of earth, sea, sky, and fire who came into being at the Creation, are sometimes in conflict. So when I went to New York to talk cover treatments with my fabulous editor, I told her I wanted to use a version of the triskelion for the series logo--earth, sea, and sky bound together in a powerful ward.

Tony Mauro, who did the fabulous cover art for the Children of the Sea series, talks about his process in Interview with Cover Artist Tony Mauro. Check it out!

About our oceans

In a sense, we are all children of the sea.
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In the time before time, when the domains of earth, sea, and sky were formed and fire was called into being, the elementals took shape, each with their element: the children of earth, the children of the sea, the children of air, and the children of fire.

After earth had flowered and life crawled from the sea, humankind was born.

The children of fire rebelled against this new creation, declaring war on the children of the air and humankind. Forced to cohabit with the mortals, the other elementals withdrew--the fair folk to the hills and wild places of earth and the merfolk, selkie and finfolk, to the depths of the sea.

Yet the elementals cannot exist in complete isolation from their mortal neighbors. From such encounters, souls are redeemed and lost, wars are waged, great art is created, empires are raised.

Of such meetings, legends - and children - are born.

For centuries, the children of the sea have co-existed in uneasy peace with the children of fire and with mortal kind.
Now all that is about to change...

Set off the coast of Maine, the Children of the Sea series was inspired by the Celtic legends of the selkie, immortal creatures of the sea living apart from humankind but able to shape-shift into seductive human form.

For more of the mythology behind the Children of the Sea, watch my Romance Novel TV interview

The Hunter Family Trilogy

One incredible family. Three loves that will change their lives...and whose destiny could change the world.

Follow their stories:
Caleb, the soldier, who returns from the desert to fall in love with a woman from the sea. SEA WITCH, Book 1

Dylan, the loner, who must choose between the freedom of his mother's kind and the bonds of mortal love. SEA FEVER, Book 2

and Lucy, the dreamer, whose heart and fate are tangled with the sea king's son SEA LORD, Book 3

"Shifting Sea"
Prequel to Immortal Sea
2011 Romance Writers of America

"Sea Crossing"
Prequel to Sea Witch and Sea Lord
2011 Romance Writers of America
RITA Award finalist
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